SZOFT, formed in the summer of 2016, brought new colour and a new tone into the community of freelance translators and interpreters in Hungary. The colour is vivid, just like the pink of the flamingoes that seem to spring up everywhere, you can’t miss it. The tone is friendly, accepting and always positive.

Inwards, SZOFT is a community of independent, open, creative language professionals, where diversity is a value because the bigger the variety, the more we can learn from each other. Our knowledge-sharing programme rewards everlasting curiosity and conscientious, quality work. In addition to experienced professionals we also want to address and invite students and aspiring beginners: finally a SZOFT point to a hard start.

Outwards, we build true partnerships with training institutions, Proford and professional language service companies as well as the developers of computer-assisted translation tools. We are of the belief that we are part of the same profession only in different roles and rather than confrontation, we stand for cooperation. We are decidedly open toward organisations in other countries because in this global workplace the world is our office.

But we don’t stop here. Our chief concern is representing our profession but we are equally passionate about social responsibility. SZOFT is present on all fronts where we need to work for the recognition and reputation of our profession. We seize every opportunity to be present wherever the knowledge and abilities of language professionals is required to make the world a wee bit better place.

Give us your vote of confidence, join us on this exciting path so that you too can become a happy and proud SZOFTER.