Things we have in common

The translator and interpreter members of our association come from different backgrounds and have walked different paths to arrive to the field of language intermediation. We work in different languages and professions and it is just this diversity that inspires us to join an association and continuously learn from each other. We are proud of our chosen lifestyle as freelancers but as members of the SZOFT community we are not lone wolves: there is always someone to turn to if we can’t manage alone.

Things we have in common:

  • we all fulfill the association's requirements as to qualification, experience and ethical work practices and do something for the community at least once a year;
  • we profess that a good translator and interpreter is never satisfied with what she or he already knows and is always on the lookout for professional and technological innovations, even after many decades of experience;
  • we consider professional language service providers as often indispensable members of the value chain and their employees our colleagues, and strive to get to know the players and processes of project-based work organisation;
  • as association members we are committed to professional interest representation and to disseminating knowledge about our profession, as well as to improving the social recognition of translators and interpreters;
  • we support cementing of the professional framework of the language intermediation profession;
  • we provide assistance to institutions training future translators and interpreters to the best of our abilities so that their programmes can best approximate practical needs;
  • we welcome students in training to join our junior section and we also assist beginners to kickstart their career;
  • we consider social responsibility of translators and interpreters particularly important and to this end we foster active relations with several social organisations as well.